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Organic cosmetics from our farm from Us to You

In the heart of Hungary, in the most beautiful region we cultivate and look after our fig trees of which natural ingredients we prepare for You the essences of nature with the greatest love and care. These essences magically change your skin more bright and hydrated.

Kemendy kozmetikum

Why should you chose Mendy Organics products?

At Mendy Organics we are continuously working on to create cosmetics which are the best for your skin. Nature created perfect and all raw materials it gave us and we use are being formed into professional cosmetics in manufactures with the least possible intervention. During their production we use eco-friendly procedures and packaging materials.We are persistently looking for manufacturers nearby producing the best raw materials until we find them.


Kemendy kozmetikum
Kemendy labor

Only naturally

We believe that only one way is possible: our products are free from artificial preservatives, chemicals, synthetic colorings and fragrances.

Our main materials from nature

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termál víz

Thermal water and clay

szőlő alapanyag


olajok alapanyag

Essential oils

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