Kemendy family

The Founders

Mendy Organics is not only a brand but a family story. A story about how we dared to dream big as an economist and engineer, separated from our original profession we would like to give the best not only to our family but also to our customers.

About fig

Our Farm

We cultivate and produce fig, our products’s main material in Hungary’s greatest organic fig farm from planting trees, through harvesting to developing the products. Everything started in small, in the beginning there were only two trees on our land than we started propagating the first 100 trees. The aim is a plantation of more than 10.000 trees. .

About fig
Kemendy journey

Our Journey / Come With Us on Our Journey

Right now we have done a giant step, but still there are a lot of things to do. Now our products are being developed and tested. We will only show them to You when we feel that we created the most perfect product for You.

Come with us on this journey. We will continuously keep you informed about the latest developments.